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Terms of Usage


About Etrer'aous
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About Inventor and Contacting
Terms of Usage

Below are the terms of usage that you MUST agree to before becoming official and officially learning this language.

Etreraous Learning Contract

Within this contract are the conditions upon wanting to learn Etreraous, the language by Drew Fischer.


These are the guidelines for learning Etreraous:

  1. You may not take credit for making or inventing the language, all credit is to Drew Fischer, creator of language.
  2. You may not teach someone else the language or distribute the original (or copies of the) learning sheets or any other documents related to Etreraous without the written permission of the creator of the language, Drew Fischer.  This is a closed language and is not meant to be mass-spread, but only selected people may learn.  Although the above conditions apply, you still may show-off your Etreraous skills and may recruit others to learn and refer them to Drew.
  3. You may not sell any Etreraous related material or ideas.
  4. You ARE free to learn at your own speed and take as much time and enjoyment as you want.  There is no hurry.
  5. You will NOT be graded on your Etreraous skills or ability.
  6. As you progress into deeper levels of Etreraous learning (like some parts of level II, and all of III, IV and higher) you may be required to pay (an extremely small) fee for the materials, UNLESS THEY ARE SENT DIGITALLY OVER THE INTERNET.  These such materials would include, but are not restricted to: copies of material, very large lessons/text, some laminated versions of real text, and others of the such.  You will not have to pay probably more than five dollars (no profit, just covering the costs) in your whole Etreraous career.  But, this is subject to change on your consent.
You will be given three free teachers (who are now one person, due to limited people who know the language): the Main Instructor, a Dialect Coach, and a Scripting Coach.

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