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About Etrer'aous


About Etrer'aous
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This is a brief explanation of Etrer'aous.

What is Etreraous?

Etreraous is a unique language created by Drew (Etrer name: Tassadar Saaramoth). It has very simple grammar, as to not get anyone horribly confused (whats the use of crazy grammar anyway?).


How is it different?

Etreraous is different from some other languages because, as explained above, it has a very simply grammar that is easy to follow and understand. The words are unique of their own and there is a special alphabet and script for it.


Why learn Etreraous?

The benefits of learning Etreraous would include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) Its fun to be able to speak a language in front of others without having them understand what the heck you are talking about; (2) It forms a special friendship between a fellow Etreraous speaking; (3) It helps expand your thought process, think order, and mind/imagination; (4) and its easier to learn other languages when you already know that mechanics of one.

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