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Phrases, Sample Texts


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Phrases, Sample Texts
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This page is dedicated to giving those curious minds a look at what this language is really like. Below, you will find a few random and mandatory in daily life pharses plus an occasional script sample here or there.

Welcome! - Al'Karni Shamia!
Hello! - Karni!
Good Night - Karnaia
How are you? - Viv tafitas iy?
I am fine, thank you - Y tafia gerba, sarnk iy
What is your name? - Viv haritas iy?
My name is Tassadar - Y haria Tassadar

1 - Uune
2 - Duune
3 - Sha'an
4 - Khoran
5 - Fare
6 - Os
7 - Aire
8 - Soyn
9 - Siyn
10 - Ekun

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