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About Etrer'aous
Learn Etrer'aous
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About Inventor and Contacting
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See below for details on SIGNING UP to learn Etrer'aous.

If you are interesting in learning to speak Etrer'aous, please e-mail me with your name, inquiries, and tell me why you'd like to learn it at:
You are not able to download the lessons directly from this website for several reasons, but if you sign up (absolutely FREE) to learn Etrer'aous with me (Tassadar Saaramoth at the e-mail link above) then I will send you non-virus e-mails with the lessons on them.
To the right is a list of all the beginning lessons in the level one series of Etrer'aous.
Remember, e-mail me to sign up!

Beginning Level One Lessons
Introduction/Pronunciation and Deciphering Guide
Lesson One: The Beginning
Lesson Two: More About Yourself
Lesson Three: Where?!
More to come ...

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